About Vaaib

Born and raised in Mumbai (India), VaaiB aka Vaibhav was connected to music since his early childhood. 
He studied drums when he was a child, and played in some bands with friends. 
Around the age of 14 Vaibhav started to learn DJ and started going to clubs and listening to the music, 
he was then completely captivated by this exciting movement. 
That was his starting point as a musician and the first steps into professional music production. He did his first show back then in 2005, 
he quickly became a reference in the Mumbai’s music scene, also achieving great international response.

Since Vaibhav has been traveling and developing new projects and releases. Music is still main center of his life. 
Playing around the many cities of India, making people have fun and dance is the biggest satisfaction in his life.

He likes to think about dance music as a whole thing, not focusing on styles but on what people need in every occasion, 
always focused on the groove and atmosphere, making people’s feet move non stop.

He won titles for War of the Spinning Master at in 2010 and War of the DJ at Atharva College, Mumbai in 2011

Clubs / Venues

Rupee @ St James (Singapore)
Myra’s @ Fort Canning (Singapore)
Magic Carpet (Singapore)
Maziga – Bollywood Club (Singapore)
Chilli 2 Vanilla (Kandivali, Mumbai)
Citizn Hotel  (Juhu Mumbai
United Cafe Bar (Malad, Mumbai)
United Cafe Bar (Pune)
United Cafe Bar (Lower Parel, Mumbai)
Club Escape (Andheri, Mumbai)
Retreat Resort Madh Island (Malad Mumbai)
La Shimmer Resort (Uttan Thane)
Hotel Express Inn (NH8 Mumbai)

Cities played at

  • Dubai
  • Mumbai
  • Singapore
  • Pune
  • Bangalore
  • Lonavala
  • & Many more metro cities

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